Park Station Garage

Dolben, Park Station Parking Garage

Property: Dolben Park Station Parking Garage
Projected Cost: $58,088
Rebate Amount: $34,450
Net Cost: $23,638
Payback in Years: 1.5
Service: Many businesses are searching for various means to reduce their operating expenses. In many cases, the search need not be any more tedious than simply looking at something most of us take for granted on a daily basis - our lighting systems. By carefully analyzing the equipment and usage patterns of these systems, we can uncover hidden expenditures and provide an optimal return on investment that improves your bottom line and environmental impact. Our team of energy experts surveyed the parking garage facility at Park Station, a Dolben property. The equipment reviewed and analyzed included lamps, ballasts, controls, fixtures, lenses, and/or voltage, lamp temperature, color of light, foot candles, lumens and maintenance schedule. The areas that were surveyed were the exterior and interior of the parking garage.


Estimated Electricity Savings: 160,211 kWh


Estimated Water Savings: 2,630,0920 gal


Annual Energy Savings: $16,021

"Dolben ownership has been very impressed with greeNEWit's attention given to our portfolio and is looking forward to continuing our efficiency measures with you."
-Jim Dormady, Maintenance Director for Dolben-

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