The Aventine

Greystar, The Aventine

Property: Greystar's Aventine at Silver Spring 13615 Colgate Way Silver Spring, MD 20904
Date of Multi-Family BGE Quick Home Energy Check-up Service: February 4 to February 15, 2013
Service: The Aventine at Silver Spring are a 432-unit residential building owned by Greystar. From February 4 to February 15, 2013, greeNEWit serviced the premises of Aventine at Silver Spring with a Quick Home Energy Check-up (QHEC) and installed a total of 3,246 CFL light bulbs, 801 faucet aerators and 91 showerheads in 384 units on the premises. These energy upgrades will prevent nearly 166 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere; the CO2 saved is equivalent of nearly 830 trees being planted. 


Estimated Electricity Savings: 221,195 kWh


Estimated Water Savings: 3,519,330 gallons


Total Savings in $: $47,937.97 Average Savings Per Unit in $: $124.84

"Our experience with the Maryland Multi-Family Quick Home Energy Checkup Program has allowed us an opportunity to fund cutting edge 'green' initiatives that otherwise we would not have been able to incorporate into our developments."
-Tom Spangler, Energy Manager Procurement & Sustainability, Greystar-

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