Josh Massey

Residence: Baltimore, Maryland
Date: January 16, 2013
Service: On January 16, 2013, greeNEWit serviced the home of Josh Massey with a Quick Home Energy Check-up. As part of the Empower Maryland Energy Efficiency Act, Massey was able to get energy-efficient products installed in his home at no additional cost to his regular utility bill. He received nearly $200 worth of products and with greeNEWit, his installation was free. Through the service, he received five CFLs, two faucet aerators and six counts of pipe insulation. As a result, he'll save 404 pounds of CO2 a year, the equivalent to one tree being planted.


Estimated Electricity Savings: 248 kWh


Estimated Water Savings 6,935 gal


Estimated CO2 Savings 404 pounds


Total Savings in $ $76.74

"Mark was very timely and thorough. He and Nicola walked me through each level of my home and provided me with tips to improve the overall efficiency. They even helped to ensure I purchased the proper material to correct issues myself."
-Josh Massey-

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