We're a Sustainability Company Here to Help Make the World a Better Place

We’re driven by the common passion for energy efficiency and conserving the use of natural resources to make the world a more livable place. Where collaboration meets innovation is the founding philosophy of the greeNEWit approach in providing solutions that lead to reduced energy consumption, eliminated waste and energy savings.

Being sustainable is a matter of common sense vs. waste. We realize we have the power to make rational choices that help us stay healthy and protect our environment. It is our practice to support and educate others on the different types of energy and how to conserve resource consumption. We want to inspire society to become more sustainable so that we can "meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs1".

*source: 1 Brundtland Commission/World Commission on Environment and Development. 1987. Our Common Future. Available at: