Sarah Frye

Sarah Frye

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Gen Y employees don’t necessarily distinguish between personal and professional anymore.

Insightful, driven, and passionate, Jason Jannati is a devoted brand strategist and leader in energy efficiency.

Looking back at the past 20 years, think how the energy industry has evolved.

“We started greeNEWit based on the fact that we believed energy efficiency and the conservation of natural resources was a matter of common sense.”

This summer, Under30CEO launched a nationwide campaign to discover the most promising young entrepreneurs from all across the United States.

Home and apartment owners can take advantage of energy efficiency standards, policies and programs to maximize their cost savings.

Josh Notes has ten years of team leading entrepreneurial experience. He is one of three co-founders of greeNEWit, a company formed to help businesses and homeowners walk toward a more sustainable smart grid system.

Ownership. Understanding. Responsibility. Those are the three major concepts behind greeNEWit’s OUR Schools initiative.

Jason Jannati (this week’s live chat host – click here to RSVP) felt if he could get into the business of helping people save money and improving our impact on the planet, he and his two business partners would create value.

It's not just nonprofits and charities that attempt to make a change in the world. Some for-profit businesses are using their employees and revenue to create some of their own change.