Agents of Change Program Description

Developing a Sustainable Model for Success

From an idea to a business plan, we work to show firsthand what it takes to develop a sustainable model for success. Agents of Change interested in corporate sustainability are encouraged to assist in the two creative social projects of greeNEWit:

  1. OUR Schools Program - We created this program to teach energy conservation education for free in schools.
  2. Cleats for Bare Feet - This initiative collects boys and girls second-hand cleats (athletic shoes) and sporting equipment and sends them to children across the globe.

All relevant training will be provided on-site with either the OUR Schools Program Director, Director of Development or Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

Agents of Change will report to their direct supervisor at the end of each week with a progress report. Both will act as as supervisors and are responsible for delegating tasks.

Other Benefits
We motivate young people to remain in school, further education and venture into business. We assist with college applications and support personal development through our mentor program.

Positive attitude and the desire to succeed. Work experience for Career Experience Agents of Change must relate to academic study. (i.e. economics, public relations, social media, etc.).