greeNEWit Internship Learning Objectives

To greeNEWit, Entrepreneurship is the Ability to Create Something from Nothing; Being a Visionary That Can Bring Ideas to Life

Entrepreneurship – The spirit of entrepreneurship is deeply embedded in our culture, one that is hungry for positive growth and change. We channel this passion through every member of the organization.

Leadership – This is ability to plan, organize and execute. Everything we do is managed and documented. We instill the discipline needed for effective time management and the self-management skills to plan, organize and implement an idea that did not otherwise exist.

Teamwork – While team size and individual roles vary, one principle remains constant across the board: communication. We encourage the open exchange of ideas as well as the maturity to be an active and engaging member of a functional team, understanding when to listen and when to lead.

Motivation – Motivation is not something you can teach, but is something you can foster. By empowering students with ownership, they believe in themselves in a way they may never have before. Combined with a culture hinged on connectedness and communication, greeNEWit has developed a strong passion for inspiring others in the same way we have been inspired ourselves.