Benefits of a Home Energy Audit in Maryland

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A lot of people tend to view home energy consumption the same way that you might view a car’s gas mileage: as a fixed point. Whatever you do, you’re still going to get the same mpg on one day as the day before. Not so! Your home’s energy efficiency can be dramatically improved, and often with small, inexpensive changes that will end up saving you quite a bit in terms of energy bills, and the planet in terms of precious natural resources. But where to start?

Find Heating / Cooling leaks

Energy leaks could be costing you far more than you realize, and they’re not always easy to find. A professional home energy audit will inspect your Maryland home, examining  framing connections, overhangs, baseboards, weather stripping around doors and windows, window-mounted air conditioners, and much more. These professionals will use highly sensitive tools and technology to locate and seal even the smallest of leaks, saving you anywhere from 3% to 30% on your next energy bill.

Assess Lighting Fixtures

It can be difficult to tell the practical energy efficiency of a lighting fixture. While manufacturers may state one number, fixtures often perform differently in real life. Lighting accounts for around 10% of your Maryland home’s energy bill. A professional home energy audit provider can identify poorly performing fixtures and offer energy efficient options that will suit your needs.

HVAC System

The primary consumer of electricity in your Maryland home is your HVAC system. This system, especially if it’s older, could be woefully inefficient by today’s standards. A home energy audit will thoroughly test your heater and air conditioner, searching for inefficiencies in every facet of your HVAC system. A professional energy audit will not only identify these inefficiencies but also provide you with a variety of options, from tune-up to full system replacement, to save you money on your energy bills.

Interested In a Home Energy Audit?

Call greeNEWit. greeNEWit is an energy solutions company founded to help society build sustainable communities and better economies through conserving the use of natural resources. We're an experienced energy audit provider and can bring the best in training, science, and technology to help you realize a more energy efficient Maryland home. Call today at 866.994.7639 or visit us at our website

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