Commercial Energy Efficiency Consulting in D.C. for Better Apartments

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As a property manager, you're constantly looking for ways to improve performance while lowering operational costs. And at the same time, the comfort of apartment occupants needs to be a primary consideration. So how can you find the right balance between all of these factors? Commercial energy efficiency consulting in D.C. may be just what you've been looking for. Read on to learn how our consulting services can improve the comfort levels and energy efficiency of your properties, while reducing operational costs at the same time.


What Can Commercial Energy Efficiency Consulting in D.C. Do for You?

Real-World Results

Energy efficiency has been a buzzword for some time now, but what about the data behind it? Sure, the concept of making anything more energy efficient sounds good on paper, but do the numbers actually add up? Can investing in energy efficient upgrades for an apartment complex generate real world results?

Yes, it can.

We've tracked data from all of the residential and commercial customers we've helped to implement energy efficient upgrades, and the numbers consistently show energy savings that generate a return on your investment. You can see some of our overall numbers here, but let's talk about a specific example of an energy efficiency retrofit we performed for Greystar Real Estate Management.

Greystar Apartments

We performed energy and water retrofits on 13 of their properties in Maryland, for a total of 3,288 units retrofitted. We surveyed 9 of these properties for a year after the retrofits were performed in order to compare data from before and after the retrofits. Here's what we found :

  • $634,401 in actual measured savings

  • $184,984 in gas savings

  • $259,529 in electric savings

  • $189,888 in water savings

  • $192.94 in savings per unit.

Now we're helping Greystar with a portfolio analysis for further energy efficiency retrofits in their properties literally across the country, from Maryland to California.

How does commercial energy efficiency consulting in D.C. work?

Let's say you're a property manager and you're interested in retrofitting apartments for energy efficiency. Here's what happens when you call greeNEWit.

  1. We perform an initial assessment of energy usage across the property.

  2. We use this assessment to identify savings opportunities, and prioritize these opportunities based on the greatest potential for return on investment. For example, if replacing the lighting in the complex with a more energy efficient solution would generate the highest return, we'd put this at the top of the list. We provide you with actual estimates of potential savings that could be realized by implementing these solutions.

  3. We implement solutions based on your budget. We offer a comprehensive approach to this process, with a focus on project management from planning through completion.

  4. After the upgrades are complete, we offer ongoing services including post-installation analysis, assistance with rebate applications, creating of marketing documents, and training for your staff and building occupants.

Commercial Energy Efficiency Consulting in D.C. from greeNEWit

Are you interested in learning more about how to lower your operational costs while improving performance and apartment occupant comfort? Talk to greeNEWit! Start your energy savings today by calling 866.966.7630.

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