Ease the Pain of High Energy Bills

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"Thank you for calling XO Energy Company. This is Natasha, can I help you?”

“Hi, my name is Sarah. I’m calling because my electric bill is way too high. It’s been getting higher each month for the past five months. If it keeps on climbing I won’t be able to pay it. Do you have any tips on ways I can lower my consumption and keep my bill down?”

The lady on the other end of the receiver politely replies that she’ll look into it. She reviews my bills for the last several months and replies that my usage has only been changing incrementally each month. She offers no suggestions or solutions, only asking incriminating questions about whether I have things left on in my home/business.

I politely end the conversation. But I’m feeling overwhelmed because my mother-in-law that’s living in the basement has been freezing as of late. As a result, she’s cranking the thermostat way up. As a consumer, I care about the high cost I’m forced to pay out of pocket each month. I need to make a change to lighten the load on my wallet. I also want to make rational choices that help me, my children and my mother-in-law stay healthy while setting a good example that I care about the environment and saving resources.

I think there has to be a better way to reduce consumption while simultaneously cutting down my energy costs. Then I consider how many others might be feeling the same way I do. So I decided to do a basic google search on ‘how to become more energy efficient’. In less than a quarter of a second, boom 96,000,000 results.

If you’ve been in a similar situation, then you have come to the right place.

It was these concerns, questions and the need for solutions that empowered us to create greeNEWit. Our goal is to help our society become energy efficient by building sustainable communities and better economies by conserving the use of natural resources. We help residents, businesses and municipalities save money on their electric bills by providing retrofit solutions that reduce the carbon footprint. We want to inspire positive action and change the way we as a society use, produce and think about our energy.

This blog will provide you with low and no cost ways to save money in your home, show you how much energy you can reduce and provide tips to optimize your energy efficiency. In an attempt to help us in the mission, we encourage feedback and the sharing of best practices so that all may take advantage of energy saving opportunities and achieve true sustainability.

(And get this—greeNEWit even trains call center employees and energy advisers of big utility companies on the basic energy principles so that they can provide recommendations to customers that actually add value while creating energy saving opportunities.)

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