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The holidays are a notorious time for spikes in energy usage. With Christmas lights, cold weather, and shorter daylight hours, it’s no wonder we need more electricity to just to get through the days. While conducting a home energy audit will save you the most in the long run, there are still some things any homeowner can do to mitigate rising energy usage during the holidays. That’s why greeNEWit, your Maryland energy efficiency expert, is here with a few practical energy saving tips for the holiday season.

Switch to LED Christmas Lights

Decking the halls is a wonderful and time-honored tradition, but it’s also a huge blow to energy savings. Consider swapping out those old Christmas lights for some hot, new LED strands and hanging those around your Maryland home. LED Christmas lights use 90% less electricity than regular Christmas lights, and can be bought for about $10 a strand.

Limit Light Usage

Another great way to guarantee energy savings is to wait until the sun has gone down to turn on the Christmas lights, and then to turn them off before going to sleep. We recommend you shoot for 6 hours or less of total daily use. If you have trouble remembering to turn the lights on and off, try setting them on an automatic timer that will do the job for you.

Decorate with Candles

Electric Christmas lights are beautiful and convenient but have you ever considered a more classical approach? Try decorating with candles this holiday season. Arrange luminaries along walkways and try setting up lit candles throughout your Maryland home for a unique and visually stunning holiday look. Just make sure to monitor them and keep them far away from anything flammable.

Buy Energy-Free Gifts

Roughly 40% of all yearly battery purchases occur during the holiday season. That’s a whopping amount of cash spent on batteries, and quite a lot of energy usage. Take the pledge to pass on purchasing energy-consuming gifts and focus on getting presents that aren’t electronic, saving natural resources, and your wallet.

Want Even Bigger Energy Savings?

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