greeNEWit Team Deserves a Shout Out, Today and Every Day

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greeNEWit’s Residential Energy Solutions team is relatively new. It was revamped in June 2013 with only one field-based team member and has since grown to seven technicians with three team members supporting in the office. It’s built up of people who are intelligent, independent, and humble.

That’s why I’m taking to the blogosphere to give this team a shout out, one that they earn every day. It’s important that greeNEWit’s culture show that everyday actions, whether achieving success or learning from failure, are something of which to be proud.

So let’s get into the details:

Jordan J. - Has evolved as a leader of our Quick Home Energy Check Up (QHEC) team since starting in 2012 as a multifamily crew member. Recently, Jordan has served customers in Leisure World, Maryland, a 610-acre, age-restricted community in Montgomery County with approximately 8,000 residents. He’s also shown impressive initiative, independently signing up more residential customers than any other greeNEWit employee this month!

Jay N. - Recently passed the rigorous Building Performance Institute’s (BPI) Building Analyst test and earned the certification necessary to step into his new role as a Multifamily Crew Lead and Single Family Analyst. This certification is the key requirement for understanding the science of home energy. We see big things in Jay’s future!

Isaiah A. - Runs the technical operations for all of our residential service lines. His attention to detail and organizational skills have grown tremendously since he stepped into this role in 2014. In that time, Isaiah has dramatically increased our data quality, decreased our error rates, streamlined our inventory management, and caught and solved problems that occurred regularly in the past.

Kaitlin S. - Is our newest team member, but she closed out September with 14 Home Performance retrofit sales, setting the team’s all time monthly individual record and in doing so, helped the Home Performance team exceed their monthly collective goal. She is on track to kick butt again this month and we are proud to see her confidence growing! She wants to be known for her customer service and I’d say she is achieving that with each home she helps save energy.

Ted W. - Consistently receives rave reviews from our customers about his professional, kind, and thoughtful demeanour. Those traits also shine through in our office, where even when he is swamped with reports, he reflects an air of cool, calm, and collected. He recently received this feedback directly from one of our customers:

Ted W customer review

Tyler W. - Recently completed his 150th energy audit! As he’s grown, he’s set an example for the entire energy auditing team. Tyler will soon be leaving greeNEWit to pursue other activities, but we wish him all the best and thank him for his hard work in getting the Residential Energy Solutions team off the ground. Here’s what one of Tyler’s recent customers had to say about his service.

Ted W customer review

Seth F. - Has expanded into a training role, not only for new energy auditors, but on the consulting side of greeNEWit as well. He joined Brad and Mark in early August at a training for electric utility call center employees at PHI that taught strategies for advising customers with high bills about energy efficiency over the phone. We can always count on Seth to be thinking about the bigger picture and appreciate his feedback about current processes.

Mark D. - Transitioned into a new leadership role, heading up the energy auditing team as a technical and managerial resource. There has been a steep learning curve over the past few months, but he has demonstrated perseverance and is really connecting with each team member. In general, Mark has always been willing to play “guinea pig”, in that his roles aren’t usually very defined until he starts experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. We count on him to speed up our build, measure, learn cycle when developing new services or protocols. Mark, thank you for your patience and strong internal drive!

David P. - Transitioned to a new customer-facing role in which he takes pride in answering questions and solving problems, all with a smile. His brain tracks hundreds of account details, names, numbers, and special situations daily so that we can better serve our customers and industry partners. Our team trusts that David will support them by always putting greeNEWit’s best foot forward.

To quote from our vivid vision: “Every single member of greeNEWit’s team is an A++ player. Our core values include innovative thinking, efficient systems, high quality results and “clean floor” service.” We’re proud that our team is exemplifying this every day!

To learn more about our team members, visit OUR Team page. Then follow us on Social Media: Facebook and Twitter