Happy Earth Day!

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A fundamental part of greeNEWit’s company culture is to honor each and every day as ‘Earth Day’, but we love that there is an organized calendar date recognizing the importance of our planet’s health. We celebrated by taking a walk in our local Columbia, Maryland neighborhood to enjoy the warm weather and pick up trash along the road.

Creative efforts like Earth Day keep our human population learning and thinking about the well-being of our global environment, and ideally should result in increased action towards minimizing our impact on the world. The sort of action that greeNEWit hopes to inspire on this day is not just a one-shot annual acknowledgement, but instead, making conscious habitual changes to our daily routines to be carried on throughout our lives.

With that said, what routine change(s) will you make in honor of Earth Day?

Aside from the sustainable energy solutions we provide to our customers, greeNEWit has taken responsibility in other areas of our business to tread lighter on the Earth. One example is our internal recycling system. The office building we all work in does not have a scheduled recycling pickup day, so as a result we decided to make our own weekly runs to the local recycle center

If you are not already in the habit of recycling at home, today would be a great time to start! First step is to get yourself a bin to be used specifically for recyclable items. It’s also helpful to label that bin with a print-out of what sort of materials are acceptable to be placed inside of it. Next, find out if your county of residence offers a residential recycle pickup service, and if so, which day of the week that happens. From there, the rest is up to you to make sure trash and recycling separation becomes second nature in the home!

Another easy habitual change many of us can make is our reliance on single-use plastic water bottles. While they are recyclable and it is convenient to simply grab a bottle from the pack and go, using them as often as we do is actually more detrimental to the environment than we might think. The majority of those bottles are made from new plastics instead of recycled plastics, so as consumers when we buy these water packs we are contributing to the demand for more new plastics to be made when our planet already has far more plastic than we know what to do with. As a solution, consider getting your hands on a reusable water bottle or container that you can simply fill back up when empty. Not only will this save the want for these new plastics, you will also save that money you were spending on water packs at the store!

The solutions mentioned above are only two small examples of the habitual changes you can make in your personal and/or work life. If you are already in the habit of both, then check this great list for more ideas. Then post a comment below to tell us how you're celebrating Earth Day!

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