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The Home Automation industry is booming and it seems that new products and technologies emerge daily. With no prominent leader in this industry it's tough to digest all this innovation especially if you are the consumer. I have seen many start ups and even mid size companies rise and fall over the last 5 years. Some consolidation has happened, which has driven down the prices a little, but there is still plenty of room for any one company to take over and become the leader.  Even giant companies that everyone has heard of like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast/Xfinity, ADTGoogle and Apple are penetrating the market but it has not been an easy ride for them. Currently there is just too many individual products on the market, which makes sense since there are many different systems in your home you may want to automate.  But if you wanted all these different systems to work under one umbrella, from one app, from interface, don't be surprised if you cant find a solution that you will be absolutely satisfied with.

I have been an owner/user of many of these products for some time as well as a fan of the home automation industry.  Companies like Alarm.com, Lifeshield, Staples, Belkin, D-Link, Nest, WEMO, Schlage, and others have automated many aspects of my home and small office.  My home systems like security, monitoring, and energy are now fully automated and at my fingertips anywhere in the world through my phone.  Pretty cool huh, but if you are the average consumer and not very technical, you may be overwhelmed with trying to understand what systems to choose or how to make multiple products work together. 

But don't worry I recently created new g-Vitamins video (see below) and I am spilling all the knowledge I have on this subject so you can get a grip on this industry.  The video is 30 minutes long but if you bear with me you will learn a little about the history of this booming industry, how to get home automation products in your residence, what aspects you should consider before buying any of these products, and as always I am also reviewing many of the systems I have used of the years and have had first hand experience with.

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