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How a Commercial Energy Audit Can Benefit Your Business

December 5, 2014 Written by  Comments Print
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In today’s highly competitive times, the dividing line between success and failure is thinner than ever. To keep your Maryland business in the black it’s important to reduce expenditures in as many ways as you can. The most effective way to cut operating costs for many businesses is by increasing their energy efficiency. greeNEWit is here to tell you about the many benefits a commercial energy audit can provide for your Maryland business, and there may be more than you’d first think.

Save Money

The most obvious reason most Maryland businesses choose to have a commercial energy audit, comprehensive energy audits have the potential to cut your utility bills down by as much as 50%. Commercial energy audits inspect and analyze everything from your building’s exterior, heating and air-conditioning equipment, to your building's internal structure. A commercial energy auditor will look at how these systems interact with one another, locating inefficiencies, air leakage, and unwanted heat transmission, before recommending and providing cost effective solutions to maximize functionality while minimizing immediate expenses. A Level I Walkthrough with greeNEWit includes:

  • A site visit by greeNEWit engineering staff. Our certified engineers will visit your site and conduct a thorough examination of your facility from top to bottom. 

  • ENERGY STAR® benchmarking. We measure compliance with with Energy Star standards to find what measures you can take to qualify for energy efficiency tax credits.

  • Prioritization of needed building upgrades. Our engineers and financial experts analyze everythinga bout your business to develop the most cost efficent plan for investing in energy saving measures.

  • Rough costs and savings for implementing energy efficiency measures

Be More Comfortable

Surprisingly, energy efficiency and relaxation are strongly interconnected. Improving your Maryland business’s heat efficiency, through complete air sealing, improved insulation, and more efficient heating and cooling systems will make your building a more comfortable, and affordable, place to work. This ensures that you and your employees are comfortable, productive, and not distracted by unusual temperatures or drafts.

Improve Health & Safety

A commercial energy audit doesn’t just save your Maryland business money; it can also save lives. Energy auditors are on the lookout for potentially dangerous problems common in older systems like backdrafting combustion equipment, radon leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning and more. Energy efficiency and safety go hand in hand.

Increased Building Durability

At greeNEWit, we approach commercial energy audits from a “whole building” perspective, examining every system and how it functions in the larger ecosystem of your office, including the structure as a whole. Obviously, a building can hardly be considered energy efficient if it falls apart long before its time. Commercial energy audits can eliminate the incursion of moisture into your Maryland business, creating a complete seal around your building’s exterior and eliminating the chances of severe moisture, rot, and mold damage.

Interested in a Commercial Energy Audit?

Call greeNEWit. greeNEWit is an energy solutions company founded to help society build sustainable communities and better economies through conserving the use of natural resources. We're an experienced commercial energy audit provider and can bring the best in training, science, and technology to help you realize a more energy efficient Maryland business. Call today at 866.994.7639 or visit us at our website

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