How Can I Get a No Cost Home Energy Checkup in Maryland?

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With summer on its way, many Marylanders are looking into how they can reduce their cooling costs, as well as their overall energy costs. Did you know that you can actually get a home energy checkup in Maryland at no cost? And that this checkup can help you implement energy-efficient upgrades that result in immediate energy savings? Learn more about this great opportunity in our blog!

No Cost Energy Checkup in Maryland

How do I know if I qualify?

To qualify for a no cost energy checkup, you only need to meet two criteria:

  • Live in Maryland

  • Get your electricity through one of the state's 5 largest utility companies. These are Baltimore Gas and Electric, Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, Delmarva Power, Potomac Edison, and Pepco.

Why do I need to get my electricity through one of these providers?

Because these 5 utilities support the EmPower Maryland program. This program is part of the 2008 EmPower Maryland Energy Efficiency Act, which was enacted with the goal of decreasing electricity demand in Maryland by 15% by the year 2015.

If you get your electricity from one of these 5 providers, you're actually paying a small fee on your monthly utility bill that goes to support the EmPower Maryland program. This fee goes towards funding no cost home energy checkups for Marylanders who get their electricity from these providers.

So really, you've already paid for this home energy checkup. Now all you have to do is get yours scheduled!

How do I schedule a no cost home energy checkup in Maryland?

You can schedule one today through greeNEWit!

What does the no cost home energy checkup entail?

You will get a one hour appointment during which a certified energy analyst will perform a visual assessment of your home and recommend ways you can reduce your energy usage.

The analyst will assess your:

  • Insulation levels

  • Heating and cooling equipment

  • Water heating system

  • Lighting

  • Appliances

With your permission, the energy analyst will also install qualifying energy saving measures, including:

  • 12 CFL light bulbs

  • 4 efficient-flow faucet aerators

  • 2 efficient-flow showerheads

  • Water heater pipe insulation

  • Electric water heater tank wrap

  • Smart power strips

These can help you start saving energy and money immediately and are included at no additional cost. On average, they save our customers $175 on their annual energy costs!

Schedule Your No Cost Energy Checkup in Maryland Today

Contact greeNEWit today to schedule your no cost energy checkup in Maryland. Or if you're looking to take your home's energy efficiency to the next level, consider an ENERGY STAR Energy Audit. Call us at 866.994.7639 to get started!

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