How Do Green Features Impact Property Values?

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Lots of people associate green with recyclable components made using sustainable manufacturing processes. And while this is certainly true, in the context we're using the word green, it refers to the components of a home that improve its energy efficiency. One example would be a central air conditioning system with a high SEER rating. Besides appliances, other examples of components of the home that are factored into its level of energy efficiency include insulation, energy efficient roofing and siding, or energy efficient Low-E windows. Low-E windows help trap heat energy in the winter and repel it in the summer.

What is the Impact on Property Value?

There have been a number of studies conducted on the impact of green features on a home's property value. These studies have shown that nationally, home buyers are willing to pay an average of 10% more for homes with green certifications than those without. In some cases, this number can go as high as 14%. Obviously, the more energy efficient the home, the greater the potential for a higher property value.

What are Green Certifications?

Green certifications are available from third parties, and essentially are used to provide verification that your home does have green features that are contributing to its energy efficiency in a measurable way. One of the most well-known certifications is the ENERGY STAR Home Certification. If you wanted to get this certification, you would need to have a HERS Rater (Home Energy Rating System) conduct an evaluation of your home to verify its energy efficiency.

How Do I Communicate this to Buyers?

MLS online listing services in most major metropolitan areas now offer a tab where you can include all relevant green certifications, making them easily visible to the buyer. This feature offers a tremendous advantage for sellers, who can easily demonstrate the value these certifications add to their homes.

How can greeNEWit help?

greeNEWit can conduct a home energy audit to determine how energy efficient your home is, and in what areas it could be improved. With green features becoming more and more in demand, this is an investment that has the potential to generate a nice return when it comes time to sell your home. Call today at 866.996.7630 or visit us at our website to learn more.

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