How Much Can a Home Energy Audit Save You?

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The Savings

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, even taking simple home energy conservation steps can cut an electricity bill by $600 a year and could net you $1500 in tax credits. Of course, exactly how much you save depends on whom you choose to perform your Maryland home energy audit. Many power companies do offer free energy audits, but this usually only consists of a visual inspection, noting inefficient appliances and any obvious leaks. A comprehensive audit, on the other hand, costs money up front but offers an in-depth assessment of your home, analyzing appliances, wiring, HVAC systems, and utilizing advanced energy measuring tools to ferret out even the smallest inefficiencies.

Significant Differences

While a free utility audit can give Maryland homeowners some general tips on saving energy, they simply don’t stand up against the thoroughness of professional audits. A comprehensive home energy audit has the capability to save people 30% or more on the electricity bills according to Brian Casteli, executive vice president at Washington, D.C.-based Alliance to Save Energy, a nonprofit group of that supports energy efficiency.

Choose Audit Provider Carefully

To get the most out of a comprehensive audit, it’s worth remembering that not every home energy audit provider is the same. Make sure that the company hasn’t sprung up overnight by checking with past clients. It’s also worth checking that a potential comprehensive energy auditor has a good reputation with these past customers too, and that they use specific energy measurement tools like blower doors and infrared scanning equipment.

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