How to Participate in Your Home Energy Audit and Make it MORE AWESOME

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There are many websites and brochures that claim to explain “What To Expect During an Energy Audit,” like this one from Pepco. True, they prep you for the tools that will be used, the cost, and the potential results, but are you left wondering, “What will the experience really feel like? What can I do to prepare so that the experience is even more pleasant and informative?”

Well, you’re in luck. The greeNEWit auditing team has some specific ideas from personal experience!

First things first - We listen to you! As human auditors, not robot technicians, you should know we always start our audits with a conversation at the kitchen table. What are your concerns about your home’s performance, aka. why did you call us for an appointment? What changes, like new equipment or an addition, have you made recently? Which rooms do you use the most?

Then, once we know your situation a little better, we get started on our measurements and tests. Here are some other tips:


DO you have your utility bills available Let’s us see patterns in energy use. Prices change, suppliers change, but the usage tells us the real story of your home’s current efficiency.
DON’T schedule other contractors or services during the audit Your audit is essentially a big science experiment on your home and we have to control the variables. Even a cleaning person opening and closing doors to interior rooms can inadvertently affect test results.
 DO plan to let us into all rooms  We take complete measurements to calculate the desired airflow in your home based on volume. Then we measure what the actual airflow is and make recommendations on how to bridge the gap.
 DON’T ignore your auditor :)  We pride ourselves on making the investigative process interactive. Audits don’t save energy, it’s the action you take as a result of our findings that will make the difference, so consider us your consultant and ask questions!
 DO consider the amount of stuff you have stored in your attic or crawlspace  Any items blocking the access to your attic or crawlspace will delay the audit process, as we have to inspect those areas - it’s where most of the major, yet fixable problems are found.


Check out our video to learn more or call our office to speak to an energy efficiency expert.

We’ll conclude this blog by saying that your audit is YOUR audit. We’re professionals, but we need your participation to make the experience the most beneficial it can be. If we’ve piqued your interest in this service, sign up here; we’re excited to work with you!

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