Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Home

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Replace 5 Light Bulbs

You can save over $100 dollars a year just by swapping out your 5 most used lighting fixtures with energy efficient Energy Star certified LED bulbs. Not only that, but you’ll also cut down on greenhouse gas emissions substantially and enjoy longer-lasting bulbs. Energy efficient LED bulbs can last 10 to 50 times longer than a traditional bulb, use 75% less energy, and generate 75% less heat.

Be Smart About HVAC

Unbelievably, heating and cooling costs account for at least half of your energy bill. Fortunately, cutting expenses and reducing greenhouse gas emissions can go hand in hand and the process doesn’t have to be difficult. Easy fixes like regularly changing air filters, purchasing a programmable thermostat, and having a home energy audit performed can help you save energy and cash.

Make Sure Your Home is Sealed/ Insulated

You can cut down on air leakage, which inevitably leads to bigger energy bills and more greenhouse gas emissions, by properly sealing and insulating your home. A home energy audit can identify the location of leaks and determine if caulking, insulation, or weather-stripping should be applied to the area. This will make your home much more comfortable and lower your energy bills.

Monitor Water Use

It can take a fair amount of energy to move, clean, and heat water. In fact, a whopping 3% of our entire country’s power is spent on the pumping and treatment of water, so reducing the amount you use is a great way to improve your Maryland home’s energy efficiency. Quick and easy water saving policies can make all the difference. Don’t let the water run while you brush your teeth, try to purchase water-using appliances and fixtures with a “WaterSense” label, and make sure to have any leaky faucets or toilets repaired quickly.

Want to Cut Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions Even more?

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