greeNEWit Nominated to Visit White House

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Washington, DC – greeNEWit has been nominated as a White House Champion of Change for their distinction as a charter member of Employers of National Service. Employers of National Service is a call by President Obama for companies everywhere to hire AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni. The President said, “If you’re an employer who wants to hire talented, dedicated, patriotic, skilled, tireless, energetic workers, look to AmeriCorps, look to the Peace Corps… Citizens who perform national service are special. You want them on your team.”

If greeNEWit were to be selected as a Champion of Change, one representative would get the chance to visit the White House to share his or her ideas about how the private sector can work with these alumni to create recruitment, hiring, and advancement opportunities. So far, greeNEWit employs 3 alumni - Julie Roby (AmeriCorps NCCC 2010-2011), Tyler Wert (AmeriCorps NCCC 2013-2014), and Ted Wolfe (Peace Corps 2012-2013). greeNEWit plans to hire 5 to 10 more to fill energy auditor positions as the residential business line continues to grow to support the EmPOWER Maryland initiative.

“AmeriCorps changed my life, especially in terms of my perspective on team work. It also gave me a chance to get my hands dirty improving homes in places like Louisiana and Texas, which turned out to be very relevant to my career,” says Roby. She also points out, “National service experience stands out on any resume and immediately moves a candidate ahead to the interview stage when I’m hiring for my business line.”

Champions of Change will notify finalists in April. Stay tuned!

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greeNEWit provides energy and water saving upgrades that help residents and businesses save money on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. The company aims to promote sustainability, reduce consumption, eliminate waste and reform our relationship with the environment.

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