Jason Jannati Meets with Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank

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COLUMBIA, MD — greeNEWit Co-Founder and Howard County Entrepreneur Jason Jannati met with Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec January 31 to February 5, 2016 at a private event in Lake Tahoe. The meeting occurred at the annual GoBundance retreat that is an exclusive mastermind group bringing together extraordinary individuals including CEOs, best-selling authors, real estate innovators, entrepreneurs and more.

Members gathered to fully immerse themselves into the Gobundance way-of-life, “to live the best lives possible and to share that knowledge with like-minded individuals.” At the annual retreat, the group spent six days on goal setting, team building and leadership development. Attendees returned home feeling more aware, more motivated and more prepared to innovate as agile leaders who continually work toward being the very best version of one’s self and achieve great success in doing so.

Jason Jannati Robert Herjavec from ABC's Shark Tank

This was Herjavec’s first time joining the GoBundance group. Last year best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosak attended the annual retreat and enjoyed the entrepreneurial environment and being surrounded by fellow problem solvers and exemplary leaders. Herjavec joined the group for a fireside chat and a private dinner where he spent one-on-one time with Jannati and others to bestow knowledge and offer some entrepreneurial advice and mentoring.

Jannati has been a member of GoBundance since prior to its inception in 2013. He is currently co-founder of greeNEWit, the national leader in sustainable community development and smart grid integration. An expert in social entrepreneurship, Jannati has built numerous companies centered around helping people and planet address the world's toughest challenges. Recently recognized at the White House for his contributions to the nation’s economy, Jannati is a motivator, leader, and champion for job creation in the clean-tech industry.

About GoBundance

“GoBundance is for the leader who needs a group that will hold them accountable to their own high standards and who choose to live life at-the-peak. The group is guided by six pillars: age defying health, passive income, contribution, genuine relationships and bucket list adventures - all blanked by extreme accountability. Membership is exclusive, and you must apply to join the tribe. For more information, visit: gobundance.com.

About greeNEWit

greeNEWit develops, manages, and implements net-zero trajectory assets to help make communities more resilient, sustainable, and economically prosperous. By working with residential, multifamily, and commercial real estate, greeNEWit has an expansive perspective on how end energy consumers understand, interact, and engage with their energy profile. With clients that include some of the most successful developers and managers of student, military, and multi-family housing, greeNEWit is a tech-enabled service business in the growing clean-tech space. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, greeNEWit is expanding nationwide. For more information, visit: www.greeNEWit.com.

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