Fort Meade

Fort Meade

Property: Fort Meade Military Housing 3080 Ernie Pyle St. Fort Meade, MD 20755
Date of Service: March - July of 2013
Service: From March through July of 2013, greeNEWit serviced Fort Meade Military Housing at the premises of Midway Commons, Heritage Park - Normandy Bluffs, Potomac Place, Meuse Forest, and Patriot Ridge with Quick Home Energy Check-ups (QHEC) and installed a total of 7,181 CFL light bulbs, 6,089 faucet aerators and 3,072 showerheads in 2,499 units across these five properties. These energy upgrades will prevent nearly 441 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere; the CO2 saved is equivalent of nearly 2,204 trees being planted.


Estimated Electricity Savings: 472,579 kWh


Estimated Water Savings: 45,777,570 gal


Estimated Gas Savings:
52,659 therms


Total Savings in $:

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