greeNEWit Joins the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (MDHCD)

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COLUMBIA, MD - greeNEWit, the national leader in sustainable community development and smart grid integration, was selected to join the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (MDHCD) approved contractor list based on the firm’s exceptional professional services qualification.

As an approved contractor, greeNEWit can now work further to benefit Maryland residents and property owners through project development that provides energy savings, a healthy environment, asset resiliency, job creation, and lower overall operating costs.

greeNEWit will help multifamily clients, such as Humphrey Management, to navigate the MDHCD process from energy audit, to effective energy conservation measure identification, to loan and grant applications, to investment criteria evaluation, to retrofit implementation and quality assurance. The department will target, and incentivize with favorable interest rates, packages of energy conservation measures that collectively demonstrate a minimum Savings to Investment Ratio of 1.1. Selected energy conservation measures are expected to result collectively in a 15 percent or greater reduction in the electric consumption of eligible properties.

“We look forward to working with greeNEWit, as they are a reputable company with a deep knowledge and understanding of energy efficiency,” Humphrey Management President Bethany Hooper said. “They will be instrumental in helping us manage our project through each step of the process and achieve optimal energy savings.”

For more on the MDHCD energy efficiency initiatives, click here. To learn how greeNEWit can help you improve performance and lower operational costs across your portfolio, visit or call our office at 866.994.7639.

About greeNEWit

greeNEWit’s mission is to develop real estate that produces power and grows food. Our belief is that this will make communities more resilient, sustainable, and economically prosperous. By working with residential, multifamily, and commercial real estate, greeNEWit has an expansive perspective on how end energy consumers understand, interact, and engage with their energy profile. With clients that include some of the most successful developers and managers of student, military, and multi-family housing, greeNEWit is a tech-enabled service business in the growing clean-tech space. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, greeNEWit is expanding nationwide. For more information, visit:


The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development works with partners to finance housing opportunities and revitalize great places for Maryland citizens to live, work and prosper. The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development is proud to be at the forefront in implementing housing policy that promotes and preserves homeownership and creating innovative community development initiatives to meet the challenges of a growing Maryland.

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