greeNEWit Partners with Preservation Maryland, Nonprofit Dedicated to Saving Historic Communities

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BALTIMORE, MD - To help owners of older homes enjoy the practical function of their house as much as they enjoy it’s historic charm, greeNEWit recently partnered with Preservation Maryland, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving Maryland's historic buildings and neighborhoods. The two companies agree that sustainability is a great tool for maintaining historic integrity and that it starts with the prioritized analysis of an energy audit.

Energy audits are priced from $100 through the EmPOWER Maryland Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program. Preservation Maryland has committed to alerting their membership about this resource. When their members complete an energy audit with greeNEWit, greeNEWit has committed to donating $40 back to the nonprofit.

“The message is really that people who love the craftsmanship and architecture of times gone by don’t also have to fight with the thermostat and suffer from high utility bills,” said Julie Roby, Vice President at greeNEWit. She added, “things like moisture build up, old wiring, and asbestos get pointed out in an energy audit along with performance issues.” Fixing these safety hazards proactively can make a significant difference in the longevity of your historic home.

Other improvements, like sealing air gaps and adding insulation, eliminate mysteriously cold rooms which frustrate families, especially those living in homes that have had multiple additions put on over time.

There are incentives to guide property owners towards a greener home without altering the historic character of the home. If you own a certified historic property in Maryland, you may have the opportunity to earn a state income tax credit on qualified rehabilitation expenditures. The focus of this program is to (1) assist in retaining and repairing historic features of the homes, but also, (2) to make historic homes comfortable, livable, and efficient, which also includes updating mechanical systems like HVAC that can include green energy. Find out more at:

Doug Harbit, Director of Development for Preservation Maryland pointed out, “Today, preservation is an important strategy for building sustainable, livable communities.” greeNEWit offers support for residents, in the form of either a Quick Home Energy Check Up or a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Audit, both of which include the installation of shower heads and aerators that conserve water.

If you are a local resident looking for solutions for your home, schedule your appointment online and be part of our “save it and strengthen it” team.

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greeNEWit is the national leader in sustainable community development and smart grid integration. The firm develops, manages, and implements net-zero trajectory assets to help make communities more resilient, sustainable, and economically prosperous. With clients that include some of the most successful developers and managers of student, military, and multifamily housing, greeNEWit is a tech-enabled service business in the growing clean-tech space. For more information, visit:

About Preservation Maryland

Preservation Maryland is Maryland’s oldest, largest and most effective preservation organization. Today, their mission and fight remains the same as when they started in 1931: Preserving Maryland’s Heritage. To make measurable impacts, their work has been divided into three specific, targeted and strategic efforts:

  1. Advocacy: Speaking up and making the case for the policies, programs and funding that makes preservation possible.
  2. Outreach & Education: Rolling up sleeves and working to support and empower preservation efforts statewide through coordination, training and direct engagement via Maryland’s Six-to-Fix.
  3. Funding: Directly investing in preservation projects through our Heritage Fund and by working to secure additional private philanthropy in our state’s historic resources.

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