Energy Education, OUR Schools |

free energy education

Our greatest contribution to community oriented projects is the OUR Schools Program. We started this project to spread the message of Ownership, Understanding and Responsibility with regards to our future global energy and resources situation. This program allows elementary students to receive free energy education at public schools in Maryland as we discuss the importance of saving the environment and being active agents of change in the community.

Through this program, we hope to neutralize the carbon footprint of Maryland schools in the next 10 years. We’ll also produce the first generation of truly energy-conscious students, teachers, staff and administration.

If you're a student, parent or teacher at a school that has participated in this program, we encourage you to join our energy savings incentive by signing up for a quick home energy check-up here or click the image above to complete the sign up process.

Click the link to learn what a QHEC is or download our energy savings incentive Q&A.