greeNEWit Adds Message of Sustainability to the Fifth Annual Surf Roots Tour

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greeNEWit Joins the Fifth Annual Surf Roots Tour

BALTIMORE, MD – greeNEWit, a comprehensive energy solution firm that streamlines energy projects for residential, commercial and government clients, has signed on to add a message of sustainability to Resin Music's Fifth Annual Surf Roots Tour. The tour, providing a destination for summertime good vibes, will kick off July 21, 2010 at the Roxy Theatre, 9009 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069.

greeNEWit is on board to help to get the word out about the importance of sustainability with a video presentation at every show.  As a sponsor of the Surf Roots Tour, greeNEWit is incorporating the message of environmental consciousness by raising awareness during the surf music concerts.  The tour is also using strictly recycled paper for the concert posters and CD rollout.

"We are thrilled to have greeNEWit on board with the Surf Roots Tour this summer as the partnership creates the opportunity to help educate concert goers about the crucial message of sustainability through a fun concert experience,” Manager David Resin of Resin Music, LLC said. “The merger of this music movement and the environmental message could not be more perfectly aligned."

The headline artists on the tour are popular newcomers from Hawaii, Australia and California. Hawaiian superstar Rylee Jenkins aka ANUHEA is leading the charge and The Green is another Hawaiian standout, with the current number one song on Hawaiian radio. San Diego's Stranger and Tamarama from Australia are also performing.

greeNEWit is an organization founded to help society become energy efficient by building sustainable communities and better economies by conserving the use of natural resources. Transforming the energy landscape into an emerging, vibrant green marketplace, greeNEWit helps residents, businesses and municipalities save money on their electric bills by providing retrofit solutions that reduce the carbon footprint.

For more information visit greeNEWit's website and check out for a list of all 23 tour dates.