greeNEWit Creates Green Jobs and Opportunities for Youth

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greeNEWit Provides Green Jobs and Opportunities for Youth

BALTIMORE, MD – greeNEWit, an energy solutions firm that streamlines energy projects for residential, commercial and government clients, was recently recognized for its commitment to economic development and promise with the Howard County Catalyst Loan Award to create new jobs in the green sector. This initiative will employ teams of contractors, engineers and interns as Agents of Change in the Greater Baltimore Washington DC Metro Area.

While greeNEWit loves to provide residential energy audits that lead to cost savings and healthier lifestyles for consumers, the company also wants to bring more good to the world. greeNEWit Founders Josh Notes, Jason Jannati and Matej Harangozo also own the Baltimore franchise that is part of the international chain AArrow Advertising. Since early 2010 they have been using greeNEWit as an effort to employ some of the inner-city kids they work closely with in Baltimore and rely on the AArrow Sign Spinners to push the greeNEWit product line.

In utilizing the power of guerilla marketing and their AArrow Advertising franchise, they are increasing awareness about the initiatives at greeNEWit and creating jobs for youth.

“I am very passionate about employing, developing and empowering youth to become future leaders in their communities,” greeNEWit Collaboration Officer Jason Jannati said. “For years, countless youth consistently ask me if I know of any jobs openings and now greeNEWit is a way I can provide them with work in advertising.”

greeNEWit is committed to creating new solutions for life's challenges by involving the community to support continued education, humanitarian advancement and economic development.

If you like saving the environment and helping your community go to greeNEWit's website today to sign up for the newsletter and learn more about the services offered.