Use greeNEWit to Get MAEOE’s Green Schools Certification

April 17, 2014 Written by  Comments Print

COLUMBIA, MD – Through the OUR Schools Program— local energy efficiency company—greeNEWit has been educating elementary school students about energy efficiency and sustainable topics while simultaneously helping schools reduce their carbon footprint and raise money for green projects. The Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) has recently recognized greeNEWit’s efforts by certifying their two OUR Schools Program Co-Directors, Gabe Bustos and Josh Massey, as green leaders.

Bustos and Massey are aiding schools in becoming green certified by MAEOE while exciting the students and staff about their accomplishments. At the end of the program, they celebrate the positive environmental impact their school has made on their community and surrounding areas.

In addition, MAEOE approved the free energy education program: OUR Schools by greeNEWit as a way that schools in Maryland can easily earn the Green Schools certification.

The OUR Schools Program teaches students how everyone is connected to the environment and how small behaviors in their daily lives can have a large impact on society. Through STEM-based lessons and hands-on learning, the program uses real life scenarios to teach students to be more energy conscious and reduce consumption. To date, greeNEWit has reached more than 13,000 students in the Howard, Montgomery, Baltimore and Prince George’s County. They hope to expand their program with its recent MAEOE approval and educate more students on the benefits of going green.