greeNEWit is Gearing Up for Summer with the Agents of Change Program

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 greeNEWit is Gearing Up for Summer with the Agents of Change Program

COLUMBIA, MD - greeNEWit, an energy consulting company—based in Columbia—that helps homeowners and businesses practice sustainability and save energy, water and money, is gearing up for summer with the Agents of Change (AOC) Program. The agents of change are a group of impressive interns and brand advocates for greeNEWit that aim to inspire positive action and change the way we use, produce and think about our energy.

greeNEWit’s Agents of Change Program recruits college students with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for social change to assist with social media, marketing and development needs. Students can get hands on experience as social entrepreneurs by means of two of greeNEWit’s social projects: Cleats for Bare Feet and the OUR Schools program.

Through the program, greeNEWit provides students with important career skills and instills a passion in them for entrepreneurship and sustainable living. The goal is to create a collaborative working environment that fosters the generation and sharing of ideas. By creating a ‘think tank’, individuals who share a common passion to do good, expand their knowledge base and provoke socially aware responses in the community.

Representatives from greeNEWit will provide agents of change with onsite training. All students can earn educational credit through the program, and virtually-based opportunities are also an option.

Students interested in becoming agents of change should contact greeNEWit at with a resume and cover letter. For more information about how you can greeNEWit, call the office at 866.994.7639. For more greeNEWit's press releases, click here.