greeNEWit Joins Green Apple Day of Service

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greeNEWit Joins the Center for Green Schools for the First Annual Green Apple Day of Service

COLUMBIA, MD – greeNEWit joins the Green Apple initiative of the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to put all children in schools where they have clean and healthy air to breath, where energy and resources are conserved and where they can be inspired to dream of a brighter future. The first annual Green Apple Day of Service will take place on September 29, 2012. For one day, advocates from around the world, including students, teachers, parents, elected officials, organizations and more, will come together in support of healthy, sustainable schools by taking action in their communities. The vast network of champions will demonstrate the strength and breadth of the Green Apple movement, leaving a meaningful and lasting local impact.

More than six volunteers from greeNEWit will support Green Apple Day of Service projects in and around Columbia, Maryland. Three agents of change will help clean up the school grounds and build a sensory garden at the Where We Learn Matters event at Talbott Springs Elementary School, 9550 Basket Ring Rd., Columbia, Maryland. Three more greeNEWit Agents of Change will construct a planter and plant native shrubs and flowers at the Design, Build, Plant and Be Awesome event taking place at Arlington Elementary and Middle School, 3705 W. Rogers Ave., Baltimore, Maryland. This event will also feature an informal brainstorming session with the students during lunch on ways to make their school more environmentally friendly.

About the Center for Green Schools

The Center for Green Schools at the USGBC is the organization behind the Green Apple movement, working to ensure that every student has the opportunity to attend a green school within this generation. The Center provides the resources and support to elevate dialogue, accelerate policy and institute innovation toward healthy, high-performing schools and campuses. The Center works to drive the transformation of all schools into sustainable places to live and learn, work and play.

About greeNEWit

greeNEWit is an organization founded to help society build sustainable communities and better economies through energy efficiency and conserving the use of natural resources. The company helps homeowners and businesses adopt best practices to cut costs and achieve energy savings.

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