greeNEWit Offering Quick Home Energy Check-Ups

March 26, 2013 Written by  Comments Print

greeNEWit is Offering Quick Home Energy Check-ups for Single Family Homes

COLUMBIA, MD - Maryland homeowners have a new way to cut costs and use energy more efficiently. The opportunity is with greeNEWit, a local energy solutions company that provides energy and water saving upgrades. The organization is now providing Quick Home Energy Check-Ups (QHEC) that help homeowners and renters lower monthly utility bills and achieve energy savings.

As part of the Empower Maryland Energy Efficiency Act of 2008, you can sign up for a QHEC and get energy-efficient products such as CFLs, efficient-flow showerheads, smart strips and more installed at no additional cost your usual monthly utility bills. The products included in the QHEC have an estimated retail value up to $175. Not to mention that your utility bills will go down as a result. Owners and renters in Maryland may qualify simply by having an active utility account.

This program supports Maryland’s initiative to reduce energy consumption by 2015 by 15%.  

“Most people don’t know that they’re already paying into the fund through a surcharge on their utility bill,” greeNEWit Co-Founder Jason Jannati said.  “We’re thrilled that this is now being redirected back to our community so renters and homeowners can take collective action to reduce energy consumption and start saving money immediately.”

While QHECs were previously available to the multi-family sector that includes apartment complexes and condos, this is the first year greeNEWit is offering the service to owners of single family homes.

Click the link to sign up for your QHEC. For more greeNEWit's press releases, click here. To learn more about how you can greeNEWit, call the office at 866.994.7639 to speak to an energy expert today.