greeNEWit Sponsors Cleats for Bare Feet Indiegogo Campaign

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 Social Project Re-imagines the Meaning of Giving and Receiving Donations

COLUMBIA, MD - What happens when you combine the connective power of the internet with the passionate community of soccer players and fans that numbers in the billions worldwide? At Cleats for Bare Feet (C4BF), the creative social project of greeNEWit—that collects boys and girls second-hand soccer cleats (athletic shoes) and sporting equipment and sends them to disadvantaged youth all over the world— it is the opportunity to re-imagine what it means to give and receive a donation in the 21st century!

Cleats for Bare Feet launched a 42-day crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on Monday May 13, 2013. This campaign will allow the Cleats for Bare Feet initiative to design a platform that will leverage the collaborative capabilities of the web in order to connect the following three groups: 1) people who have equipment to donate; 2) players and organizations who need cleats and equipment; and 3) people who can take cleats abroad while on their travels around the world. The web platform will solve the distributive difficulties associated with sending equipment to those who need it and it will also re-imagine the typical donation process as a more interactive and enriching experience. Once the crowdfunding campaign is complete and website live, users will be able to track their cleats as they travel the world, discover the impact they are making and connect with others through the love of the game 

About Cleats for Bare Feet
greeNEWit, a Maryland sustainability company located in Columbia, Maryland, incorporated Cleats for Bare Feet as a part of it's Agent of Change Internship Program in the summer of 2012. The Agent of Change Internship Program is designed to provide college and high school students with the support and mentorship needed to grow as entrepreneurs and social change agents in their communities. Under student leadership, C4BF has evolved into an organization that is determined to rethink how we help and connect with others that are less fortunate. Cleats for Bare Feet has collected more than 6,000 pairs of soccer cleats for distribution among various organizations in Haiti, Kenya, Jamaica, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Senegal, China and the US.

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