Hear Ideas Brought to Life on the IdeaMensch Road Tour

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IdeaMensch Road Tour in DC IdeaMensch Road Tour in DC

Hear Ideas Brought to Life by greeNEWit on the IdeaMensch Road Tour in DC

WASHINGTON D.C. – Ideas by themselves are of little value. Whether your idea is an app, a nonprofit, a book, a website or an invention – what matters is how you bring it to life. And really it doesn’t matter whether the idea you’re bringing to life is a business, a project or a cause – the one thing that connects all people with ideas are our passions, struggles and ways we go about bringing our ideas to life. Jason Jannati, co-founder of greeNEWit and award-winning young entrepreneur, was invited to do just that at the Washington D.C. stop of the 48-state IdeaMensch road trip across America.

The event will take place September 27, 2012 at Nclud and Canvas Co/work 1203 19th St., Washington, DC. Jannati will talk about greeNEWit, an idea he brought to life with two other founders. He’ll spend time speaking to aspiring entrepreneurs and sharing what they did, and what you can learn from it. From there, the audience will have the opportunity to really engage with the speakers.

"Our focus is plain and simple, we want to help people bring their ideas to life," IdeaMensch Founder Mario Schulzke said. "Because when people bring their ideas to life, amazing things happen."

About greeNEWit

greeNEWit is an organization founded to help society build sustainable communities and better economies through energy efficiency and conserving the use of natural resources. The company helps homeowners and businesses adopt best practices to cut costs and achieve energy savings.

For more information on the IdeaMensch road tour visit http://ideamensch.com/washington. For more greeNEWit's press releases, click here or call the office at 866.994.7639. To learn more about how you can greeNEWit, call the office at 866.994.7639.