Retrofit Your Pepco Multi-Family Property with a Quick Home Energy Check-up

We provide a portfolio of programs designed to help you increase the energy efficiency of your properties and start saving money immediately. One of the ways we do this is by providing Quick Home Energy Check-ups (QHEC) to eligible multi-family properties located in the Pepco utility territory. These upgrades may include the installation of CFL light bulbs, aerators, efficient-flow showerheads, smart strips, water heater tank wraps and pipe insulation.

In accordance with the Empower Maryland Energy Efficiency Act of 2008, Maryland has a goal of a 15% per capita energy reduction by 2015. In an attempt to achieve this goal, the local utilities have implemented the QHEC program for multi-family and single family properties.

greeNEWit, one of Maryland’s leading energy solutions contractors, deploys teams of certified energy retrofit technicians to install these qualifying energy conservation measures (ECM) in the residences. As customers who are already paying into the Empower Maryland Energy Efficiency Act by virtue of utility bill assessments, owners and tenants bear no additional cost for the ECMs.

Through this collaborative effort, we’ve installed 396,083 compact fluorescent light bulbs to more than 43,827 residences in the state of Maryland and are saving 22,180,015 kWh of electricity and 511,894,596 gallons of water annually.

If you are a part of a property management firm or building owner that resides within the Pepco utility territory, complete the form below. We’ll come to your properties and offer to apply any of these energy upgrades that will reduce your monthly electric bill and save energy.