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greeNEWit Partners with Cleats for Bare Feet

April 21, 2010 Written by  Comments Print

 greeNEWit Partners with Cleats for Bare Feet to Lend a Helping Hand to a Foot in Need

BALTIMORE, MD – greeNEWit partners with Cleats for Bare Feet, a not-for-profit initiative and social advocacy project, to collect second-hand boys and girls soccer cleats and distribute them to disadvantaged children in East and West Africa and parts of the United States.

More than a thousand soccer cleats have been collected from various schools, universities, community groups, and youth sporting events since the start up of Cleats for Bare Feet in December of 2009. Jerseys, soccer balls and shin guards have also been donated.

greeNEWit, a comprehensive energy solutions firm that streamlines projects for residential, commercial and government clients, will help package and deliver the thousands of cleats to the following establishments across the globe: Ignite a Dream Foundation, Shangilia Orphanage, Virginia Legacy Soccer Club and other domestic partners of the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

“Soccer is not only a popular sport, but a medium through which many valuable lessons can be learned,” Cleats for Bare Feet Founder Keith Meyers said. “Soccer can provide leadership and develop camaraderie for those wanting to be a part of something, motivation for those with nothing to look forward to and a way to interact with people of all backgrounds. Since many disadvantaged children are not always afforded these experiences, we hope to make the world a better place by providing soccer cleats in hopes of giving these children an inspiration to smile and opportunity to believe in themselves.”

The mission of greeNEWit is to provide quality efficiency solutions while creating an ever-expanding social footprint through the efforts to bring talented people together to solve global issues.  greeNEWit is committed to creating new solutions for life's challenges by involving the community to support continued education, humanitarian advancement and economic development.

For more information contact Keith at 410.916.8338 and visit greeNEWit's website and