Utility Allowance Modeling

Comply with HUD Requirements while Prioritizing Energy Efficiency Investments

To help Affordable Housing owners and managers comply with federal law, greeNEWit offers utility allowance modeling for public housing authorities(PHAs), Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) developers and owners, and Section 8 housing owners and managers. greeNEWit will review building type, size, systems, and appliances to calculate the cost of utilities for your residents. In addition to calculating utility costs, greeNEWit can also help owners and managers reduce their current utility consumption through energy retrofits; increasing the amount of income property management collect through rent.


  • Maintain compliance with HUD regulation
  • Protect against variable and volatile utility costs
  • Prioritize modernization, weatherization and energy efficiency investments
  • Stabilize income by calculating current utility cost
  • Encourage tenants to conserve energy

Work Flow Process

  1. Select a 1, 3, or 5 year utility allowance package for your portfolio.
  2. Submit any previous utility allowance models completed for HUD to your greeNEWit project manager. This will provide an accurate account of historical data.
  3. You will receive your utility allowance model within 3-6 weeks.
  4. Your greeNEWit project manager will review each utility allowance report with you and provide expert recommendations to help improve your buildings and their systems and maximize efficiency and profitability.

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