greeNEWit’s OUR Schools Program Seeking Sponsors to Expand Energy Education Nationwide

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COLUMBIA, MD - Leading sustainability provider, greeNEWit, is gearing up for the second half of the school year to deliver energy education to more school children through the OUR Schools Program. With a continuing demand to support teachers, families, administrators and - most importantly - the students, the focus this year is on the successful launch of two partnerships that feature a newly developed STEM-curriculum and Green Schools certification. Concurrently, the program is looking to garner sponsors to allow for expansion across the nation.

All of our programming meets MAEOE’s requirements for Green Schools Certification.

The OUR Schools Program emphasizes the message of ownership, understanding and responsibility with regards to our future global energy and resources situation. The public school program includes a three-part educational curriculum that includes: STEM and The Environment Assembly, STEM Night, and Renewable Energy Lesson Plans. greeNEWit also provides an energy savings incentive where select schools and the PTA can raise money to be used toward Green Schools certification, STEM programs, school building upgrades, field trips and other sustainability causes by participating.

“OUR Schools is only able to exist and expand thanks to our wonderful community partners. We are opening up to sponsors to provide support so that we may continue to provide access for all public schools who wish to participate in our energy education program,” greeNEWit Co-Founder Josh Notes said.

These sponsorships are vital to advancing the program mission of teaching students how they are connected with the environment and how the past and current society will shape their future. Financial, in-kind and volunteer support are welcome and will help raise awareness about energy conservation and sustainability across North America.

Since the inaugural year in 2012, greeNEWit's OUR Schools Program has grown from four participating elementary schools to 55 and reached nearly 30,000 students and families in the Greater Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. The program has helped 36 schools certify as Green Schools.

Join one of the fastest-growing energy education programs in Maryland. greeNEWit plans to expand the OUR Schools Program nationally with a commitment to continued education. Come join OUR Schools!

See our sponsorship details by clicking here. To learn more about how you can bring the OUR Schools Program to your elementary, call the office at 866.994.7639.

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