Hammond Elementary School

School Name: Hammond Elementary
Date of Energy Efficiency Presentation: April 22, 2013
Summary: On April 22, 2013, greeNEWit presented the OUR Schools Program to Hammond Elementary School. Students learned about the environment and sustainability in their homes through an energizing assembly and STEM-related activities in the classroom. greeNEWit inspected and installed 214 CFL light bulbs, 34 faucet aerators and 21 showerheads in 23 single family homes. This will prevent 26,814 pounds of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. The CO2 saved collectively by the school is the equivalent of nearly 67 trees being planted. As a result of these energy saving measures, Hammond Elementary families will save on average nearly $169.66 per year in electricity, gas and water.
Hammond Elementary School Students: Raised $460 for energy upgrades at Hammond Elementary. Learned how a real company uses the principles of STEM to achieve their environmental and efficiency goals. Energized their Green School re-certification process. 


Estimated Electricity Savings Per Family: 17,755 kWh


Estimated Water Savings Per Family: 283,970 gal


Estimated Gas Savings Per Family: 51 therms


Total Savings in $ Per Family $169.66

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