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In the dead of summer and the coldest points of winter, one dreaded thing ensues: an envelope arrives in the mail carrying a high energy bill. Of course the cost of the bill is dependent upon the square-footage of the house but as the team at greeNEWit, a six-year-old energy efficiency company based out of Columbia, would attest, there are other factors in the cost. All of these means of going more energy efficient are simple and pay off both short-term and in the long run. If you’re a homeowner, landlord, or own a corporate business, listen up: you could be spending less on your energy bill and doing good for the environment while you’re at it. Read about the company, its goals, and what it can do for you below.

Energy is somewhat of an elusive, yet albeit significant concept. It is something we cannot see or hold, yet is a manifestation of power through processes we rely on 24/7. We indeed take energy for granted, which is dangerous because it is not necessarily renewable. The energy required to make houses and businesses run may not be so abundant in future generations. Hence, the need for a company like greeNEWit.

greeNEWit was founded by three young friends who happen to be energy aficionados, right out of college. Josh Notes, Jason Jannati, and Matej Harangozo developed a friendship long before greeNEWit came to be and, through time spent in real estate and businesses like car detailing and renting properties, the friends under the age of thirty decided to embark on a green journey to make a difference. Notes recalls this journey: “We had no money, but we took a little different approach [to founding greeNEWit] by engaging the community to generate interest in the topic.” After testing the waters and seeing what the community needed, greeNEWit burst onto the scene, but the company is still engaged in the community via events and programs like OUR Schools Program, Charity Works, and Agents of Change Program. The first, is “near and dear to my heart,” as Notes explains because it involves him speaking to Howard and Baltimore County schools (5,000 students reached up to this point, in fact) about what kids can do to reduce energy waste and become “energy detectives” (see picture below). The second, Charity Works, encourages greeNEWit employees (with a day’s pay) to work for nonprofits and local organizations on Fridays. The final program, Agents of Change, recruits budding entrepreneurs to help lead. Giving back is clearly integral to the company.

The company functions to provide the area with solutions to be more sustainable and in turn, decrease the energy bill. This purpose is seen through their company philosophy, which goes something like: don’t live under a rock to eliminate energy waste but also don’t live ignorant of energy output. As Sarah Frye, Director of Public Relations, expressed: “Our mission is to reduce energy consumption, eliminate waste and save money while reforming our relationship with the environment. We recognize the importance of sustainability and doing what [we] can to minimize the impact we have on our surroundings.” For the greeNEWit team, it’s about being cognizant of our carbon footprint and luckily, they have developed some ways to help others achieve the same cognizance.

Specifically, greeNEWit can provide energy audits on residential and commercial properties that speak to the efficiency of the property. Thanks to the Empower Maryland Energy Efficiency Act, you can get an energy audit for only $100. How exactly do you make your property more energy efficient? Notes explained the concept with a cookie bag analogy: proper insulation is the bottom of the bag, which prevents the cookies from falling out. However, air sealing (the seal lock on the cookie bag) is equally important to prevent energy (or in the case, cookie freshness) from leaking out. Other means of improving the property’s energy efficiency include: installing CFL light bulbs, aerators, efficient-flow shower heads, -smart strips, water heater tank wraps, and pipe insulation. Thus far, greeNEWit has installed more than 300,000 fluorescent light bulbs and have saved over 17 million killowatt hours of electricity and over 400 million gallons of water. Notes added that after the energy upgrades, homeowners generally report savings of 5-7%. Still not convinced about all this? Notes relayed that the average American home is three times leakier than it should be. Getting an energy audit is as easy as filling out info on their site, www.greeNEWit.com. As a side note, this site has access to their blog, info about the major players in the company, and more description about the energy efficiency processes.

By now, you should recognize how greeNEWit can impact you as someone who pays energy bills and hopefully desires to partake in sustainability efforts. Without companies like greeNEWit, energy would be wasted, kids may not learn about energy use, and the hope for future generations to have energy may be lessened. It’s worthwhile to invest in doing the right, green thing for your home or business and future generations, and greeNEWit is the place to turn to. Even their website saves energy due to its black screen, which, according to info on the site, requires less energy output than a light colored screen. Energy may not leak out thanks to greeNEWit’s efficient means, but the need for and value of this company certainly does. Head to the site above to learn more, book your energy audit, and seriously consider joining the energy efficiency initiative. You can also reach the company via phone: 866-994-7639.

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