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greeNEWit is an organization founded to help our society build more sustainable communities and better economies through energy efficiency and conserving the use of natural resources. We help homeowners, businesses and municipalities adopt green best practices to cut costs and achieve energy savings.

We started in 2008, we’re transforming the energy landscape into an emerging, vibrant green marketplace. Our mission is to reduce energy consumption, eliminate waste and save money while reforming our relationship with the environment. We recognize the importance of sustainability and doing what you can to minimize the impact we have on our surroundings.

We act as a consultant to utility companies, builders, contractors and homeowners to provide energy checkups and offer consulting and training for sustainable operations. In addition to providing energy efficient solutions for residential, commercial and government clients, greeNEWit develops software products. The current software platform is being delivered to the home performance industry across the nation.

greeNEWit stands as a leader in the Multi-Family Quick Home Energy Checkup (QHEC) Program. This allows residential and multifamily homes to get energy upgrades at no additional charge to the monthly utility bills of tenants and owners. The upgrades include installation of energy efficient CFL light bulbs, aerators, low flow shower heads, hot water heat wraps and pipe insulation. Through this collaborative effort, greeNEWit has installed 72,769 CFL bulbs to more than 15,000 residences in Maryland. The company is helping the multi-family sector save 4,859,232 kWh of energy and 244,631,140 gallons of water annually.

Recently recognized at the White House amongst the top entrepreneurs in the nation for our contribution to the economy and entrepreneurship, we’ve developed a unique company culture.

We are driven by our passion for efficiency, energy conservation and saving the planet. Being an active agent of change within the community is a core value of our company, and so we have implemented a program to nurture environmental stewardship.

The Agents of Change are a group of impressive brand advocates for greeNEWit that aim to inspire positive action and change the way we use, produce and think about our energy. Our goal is to create a collaborative working environment that fosters the generation and sharing of ideas. By creating a ‘think tank’, individuals who share a common passion to do good, expand their knowledge base and provoke socially aware responses in the community. Whether it be developing a sound business model for an emerging entrepreneur, or mapping out an effective game plan for a community to reduce its overall energy usage, we are committed to creating new opportunities while reducing the carbon footprint so that the quality of life for all may improve.

We stand to empower positive action through heightened awareness of greater efficiencies to improve life, energy and planet!

One of our greatest contributions to community oriented projects surrounding energy education is the OUR Schools Program. We started this project to spread the message of Ownership, Understanding and Responsibility with regards to our future global energy and resources situation. We give energizing presentations at schools to educate elementary, middle and high school students on the importance of connecting with the environment and how to be active citizens in the community to make the world a better place.

Leaders from greeNEWit ignite an interest in science, math and the exploration of nature that anchors sustainability into the minds of the students and faculty. Since this push was initiated, we have reached more than 1,000 youth at schools in both Howard and Baltimore County and raised money for extracurricular environmental clubs.

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