Summer 2013 Newsletter

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At greeNEWit, we pledge to give back to community-oriented initiatives that surround energy education. Active in our community, we have developed a program that fosters environmental stewardship and allows us to fund our social goodwill programs via energy efficiency projects.

Since this concept was initiated, we have spread our sustainability message to more than 13,845 community members and youth in Howard, Baltimore, Montgomery and Prince George’s County while raising money for extracurricular environmental clubs, community building upgrades and other energy efficient causes. More than $2,400 has been contributed to community partners in 2013 alone!



now offering home performance with


greeNEWit announced in June that it is once again offering Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® energy audits to customers who want to increase energy efficiency, improve indoor comfort and save money on utility bills.


Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Energy Audits offer a whole-house approach to reducing energy consumption and achieving cost savings. Cooling, energy-efficient windows and insulation are important factors in keeping households safe and comfortable this summer. Schedule your Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Energy Audit today so you can better understand how your house works as a system and see areas that need improvement.  All home improvement recommendations will be listed in an informative report designed to guide you to energy bill cost savings upward of 20%. In addition, your audit report is a ticket to additional rebates and tax credits that can help finance the work up front.


photo of blower door test used in an energy audit



greeNEWit wins social


greeNEWit was recently recognized by the local community in Howard County and received the Horizon Foundation's Shirley Collier Giraffe Award. This award was created to honor the Foundation's immediate past board chair and as a way to recognize local organizations that ‘stick their neck out’ as social entrepreneurs. The Horizon Foundation considered numerous local organizations and businesses for the $2,000 prize, but ultimately selected greeNEWit for their contributions to the regional economy and their commitment to giving back to the community. In particular, greeNEWit's "local to global" campaign and the OUR Schools Program made them worthy recipients of this award.


“We're determined to reinvest the prize money into an initiative that will truly make an impact,” greeNEWit Co-Founder Jannati said. “Our intent is to tie this directly into the Agents of Change Program at greeNEWit that will provide four students with 10 weeks of social entrepreneurship training.” Read More...


greeNEWit's Jason Jannati with Shirley Collier



greeNEWit co-founder attends



In late April, greeNEWit Co-Founder Josh Notes participated in the Startup America Partnership Region Championship Summit in Phoenix, Arizona as a Maryland regional champion. Region champions are local entrepreneurs, investors and corporate representatives volunteering their time and skills toward a common goal: growing their local startup community. During the event, 125 entrepreneurs from more than 35 states identified and tackled common community building challenges and discussed big ideas that will make each community a great place to grow a business. Read More...









Cleats for Bare Feet, the creative social project of greeNEWit—that collects boys and girls second-hand soccer cleats (athletic shoes) and sporting equipment and sends them to disadvantaged youth all over the world, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that raised $2,420.  Read More...



upcoming EVENTS



Look for greeNEWit at the following events:


7/13/13 - Stewarton Community Day


7/20/13 - KLM Community Day and Health Fair





Deverrick Holmes was promoted to Field Operations Assistant.


Deverrick Holmes


Julie Keylon and Melissa Frohna are now Community Outreach Coordinators.


Julie Keylon and Melissa Frohna


Alex Hall assumed the role of managing IT Solutions in addition to the Tech Operations Assistant position.


Alex Hall


Austin Brown and Jordan Johnson have become BPI Certified.


Austin Brown

Jordan Johnson


Agent of Change Andres Camacho headed to study for the summer in Brazil.


Andres Camacho


Seven new Agents of Change joined the summer 2013 program.



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