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Your home could be losing you money this winter, which is the last thing you'll want with heating and air costs on the rise. According to the Department of Energy, up to 20-40% of your energy costs are leaking out of your home. A home energy audit could save you a lot of trouble.  Here's why.

What is it?

A home energy audit is a visual and diagnostic energy assessment that includes a look at the heating and cooling systems, windows, insulation, flow of air into and out of the house and a safety check of combustion appliances. They can help you determine whether your home is losing energy and money through drafts, improper insulation, poorly operating fixtures, furnaces and ductwork or other sources. From these tests, an energy audit is designed to give you the information you need in order to maximize the comfort, energy efficiency, durability and safety of your home. You’ll even get a full report that serves as a guide to help solve these energy problems.


Why winter?

All the fuel it takes to heat a home and electricity required to light it, can put a damper on the utilities. When you're wasting a huge portion of that heat or electricity through poor practices or problematic home issues, that's money down the drain. A home energy audit is the way to go, and once it's complete and you have received the report, you have the option to take a DIY approach for improvements or bring in the professionals like greeNEWit.


The roof on the closest house to the right had the snow melt off everywhere but over the rafters. This is a clear indication that there is a lack of insulation in the attic; allowing the heat to escape. They could benefit from an energy audit.



our new office open house &




Regina Clay of the Howard County Executive Office speaks at greeNEWit Ribbon Cutting Ceremony as Co-Founders Matej Harangozo, Josh Notes and Jason Jannati unveil the new office located at 6851 Oak Hall Ln. Columbia, MD 21045. The event took place on Thursday November 14, 2013 and more than 100 members from the community attended to show their support.


Brad Eisenberg, Jared Krichevsky, Brett Weil and Nilay Mahavir of greeNEWit at the open house event. 

Attendees checking out the commercial lighting display.


a new service offering:



As part of the new Public Housing Agency (PHA) process, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has developed a Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA) tool. HUD’s GPNA mandate requires an inspection and count of all energy consuming or affecting systems in units and common spaces of all PHA's. As leaders in energy efficient solutions, greeNEWit is helping PHA’s across the nation navigate this new requirement to ensure they are reporting the correct information in a timely manner.



save money WITH SOLAR


Have an interest in learning more about no money down solar through our partnership with Solar City? When you produce your own solar power, your electricity bills will go down. On average Solar City offsets between 40 to 50 percent of your current energy usage and the installation of solar panels is FREE! You just pay for your solar power by the month, just like your utility bill, only lower. Sign up here.



switch your HOME TO WIND


The United States has some of the best wind resources anywhere on earth.  In fact, the country’s wind power potential exceeds 30 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity, or nearly 10 times the country’s existing power needs, yet it accounts for less than five percent of the national power grid. Did you know that as a resident of Maryland, DC, and Pennsylvania you can now choose your electricity provider? As you embark on your path to sustainability, we encourage you to take the next step and offset your electricity with 100% wind power from Clean Currents - a partner of greeNEWit and your sustainably certified, local wind power supplier. With no change in your power supply and one electricity bill, it’s the easiest way to invest in the future of clean energy.


Call 866-994-7639 to make the switch today.



home energy


greeNEWit delivers energy efficiency workshops to local community groups and nonprofits like the People for Change Coalition, Potomac Community Village and Oseh Shalom. Learn the basic principles that make up the amount of energy your home uses and how much it costs you. The workshops include a lively question and answer session on energy efficiency and how small behavioral changes can make a big difference in your monthly energy bills. We will go through real life examples that everyone deals with and provide you with an approach to sustainability that you can start implementing today. Email us today to host an energy efficiency workshop for your group.




kind words from


greeNEWit received a letter of support from teachers at Hollifield Station Elementary School in Ellicott City, Maryland. We recently delivered the OUR Schools Program to more than 700 students and taught them all about energy education, the environment and STEM. The letter stated, "greeNEWit is a committed and loyal community member and advocate for the Howard County Public School System. Their vision, leadership, communication skills and innovation in energy education will be an asset to the students of school districts everywhere."




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