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Maximize Cost Savings with Energy and Water Upgrades for Multifamily and Commercial Properties

greeNEWit offers solutions, focusing on energy and water upgrades for multifamily and commercial buildings nationwide. We provide you with a straightforward approach to improve the efficiency and performance of your buildings.

No matter what the makeup of your portfolio, greeNEWit can prioritize your portfolio and deliver an implementation plan that is streamlined and efficient.

Our goal is to help our clients promote sustainability while reducing consumption, eliminating waste and achieving cost savings.

Energy Efficiency Consulting

Our energy consulting services are designed to benefit owners and property managers as we help minimize risk and optimize performance.

Retrofits Project Management

greeNEWit’s goal is to make implementing energy and water efficiency projects as cost-effective and convenient as possible.

Commercial Energy Audits

A commercial energy audit is a critical step toward understanding how energy is being used, wasted and how you can take control of future price increases.

No-Cost Apartment Retrofits

greeNEWit deploys teams of certified energy retrofit technicians to install qualifying energy conservation measures (ECM) in the residences of multi-family properties.

Affordable Housing Services

We perform Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) and HUD Utility Allowances for affordable housing owners and managers.