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This 4th of July, Declare Independence from Energy Vampires

They want to suck your energy! Learn how to declare independence from energy vampires this 4th of July.

July 2, 2015 Written by Comments

See What Energy Efficiency Funding is Actually Doing for Maryland

Maryland is on track towards greater levels of energy efficiency than it's ever seen. Even better news, if things keep progressing at their current rates, Maryland could soon be one of the leading states in energy efficiency.

June 22, 2015 Written by Comments

Improving the Energy Efficiency of D.C. Commercial HVAC Systems

With the arrival of summer, facility managers are looking for ways to make their D.C. commercial HVAC systems more energy efficient. 

June 17, 2015 Written by Comments

How Can I Get a No Cost Home Energy Checkup in Maryland?

Did you know that you can get a home energy checkup in Maryland at no cost? Learn more about this great opportunity in our blog!

June 9, 2015 Written by Comments

Columbia Energy Efficiency Mythbusters: Should I Install an Attic Fan?

You may have heard that installing an attic fan can help you pull hot air out of the attic, thereby cooling it down and reducing your air conditioning costs. Is this true?

June 3, 2015 Written by Comments