Does it Pay to Go Green? Clean Energy Jobs

April 8, 2013 Written by  Victoria Edwards Comments Print
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Have you considered a job in the energy efficiency Industry? After reading this article, you just might. The energy efficiency field is up and coming and growing at a considerable rate.

This industry is not only providing new jobs and new opportunities, but is also making our economy more efficient by increasing productivity with less energy use.

At the front line of this industry are energy efficiency workers including auditors, engineers, improvement contractors, new construction builders and alternative energy implementers. These professions actively perform services such as energy audits, weatherization and job inspections. In this industry, there seems to be a recent shift from traditional home improvement contractors to home performance contractors, focusing on improving residential efficiency.

What’s more exciting is that the energy efficiency sector is experiencing significant job growth. Based on data from 2012, the Economic Policy Institute concluded that these green jobs are experiencing a greater rate of growth than the overall economy. In a time where finding a job is only getting harder, the job growth of this field cannot be ignored. This growth can be attributed to increasing concern about global warming and industry responsibility, global competition, rapid technological advances and increased government regulations and incentives.

The incentives provided by the government have been evident in the passing of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that provided tax breaks and loan protections for those who meet energy efficiency requirements. Moreover, energy efficiency is the second largest component of federal spending on clean energy.

If you still remain unconvinced, a study conducted by Berkeley University projected that energy efficiency would result in four million full-time-equivalent jobs by 2030 (Kammen, 2010). Based on these results, green jobs are not only good news for our planet, but also good news for our economy.

In addition to the opportunities provided by the energy efficiency sector, this industry offers a sense of accomplishment. Michael Santiago, a greeNEWit employee, described his work in the clean energy sector as “the most fulfilling experience of [his] life”.

As an industry that provides economic benefit and self-fulfillment, green jobs are the total package.

Santiago added,  “I wake up every morning to make a difference and I’m making decisions that future generations will thank me for.”

Can you say the same about your job? Green jobs are calling!

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