greeNEWit Announces Agents of Change Program

June 15, 2010 Written by  Comments Print

 greeNEWit Internship Program Fosters Collaboration and Social Entrepreneurship

BALTIMORE, MD – greeNEWit announces a new internship program where collaboration meets inspiration. The Agents of Change (AoC) division currently consists of 15 youth that collaborate in a thriving work atmosphere to educate others on the basic fundamentals needed to nurture environmental stewardship in the community. Agents of Change help spread the greeNEWit message of the importance of sustainability.

greeNEWit fosters the generation and sharing of ideas by introducing Agents of Change to projects that continually challenge their knowledge base and provoke socially aware responses. The AoC program promotes individual growth while adding to the company culture of greeNEWit.

Each Agent of Change is assigned to a specific task or project and asked to incorporate their own unique and innovative ideas to generate a solution. They work closely with other Agents of Changes and key leaders in greeNEWit to implement strategies that will raise awareness of greater efficiencies to preserve life, energy and planet.

“We knew from the beginning we wanted to surround greeNEWit with talent that possessed innovative ability and passion,” Chief Collaboration Officer Jason Jannati said. “The Agents of Change have completely surpassed all expectations and we are truly starting to see the power and reach of the next generation’s leaders.”

greeNEWit is an organization founded to help society become energy efficient by building sustainable communities and better economies by conserving the use of natural resources. Transforming the energy landscape into an emerging, vibrant green marketplace, greeNEWit helps residents, businesses and municipalities save money on their electric bills by providing retrofit solutions that reduce the carbon footprint.

Anyone interested in becoming part of the Agents of Change program can apply online at greeNEWit's website or call 866-994-7639.