Co-Founders Make Top 30 Entrepreneur Under 30 List by Home Energy Magazine

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Top 30 Entrepreneur Under 30 Co-Founders Make Top 30 Entrepreneur Under 30 List by Home Energy Magazine

greeNEWit Co-Founders on Top 30 Entrepreneur Under 30 List 

COLUMBIA, MD – Home Energy Magazine is celebrating their 30th year anniversary and, to honor this milestone, has compiled a list of the top thirty entrepreneurs under the age of thirty who have significantly contributed to the home performance industry. Included in this list are the three co-founders of greeNEWit, an energy efficiency company dedicated to helping homeowners and businesses reduce energy consumption and achieve energy and cost savings.

Home Energy Magazine is recognizing Josh Notes, Jason Jannati and Matej Harangozo of greeNEWit as individuals that have made a positive impact and identified that these three will continue represent the industry moving forward. They will be formally recognized in the September issue of Home Energy Magazine.  

Notes, Jannati and Harangozo started greeNEWit in 2008 and were also recently recognized at the White House for their contributions to America’s economy and entrepreneurship.  Their passion for sustainable home energy has driven them to success and the company has completed more than 43,253 home energy retrofits and assessments.  They originally founded the company as they shared the same passion for addressing high energy bills and home comfort problems through innovative energy solutions. Since, the three entrepreneurs have even developed an innovative technology solution that automates communication and report generation during and after the home energy audit process to make it more efficient as a result.   

Home Energy Magazine offers useful and practical information regarding residential energy efficiency, comfort and affordability. As a nonprofit company, their goal is to get whole-house home performance information out to the public. They are commemorating their 30 year anniversary by releasing their top 30 entrepreneurs list as well as re-publishing some of their oldest articles. 

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