greeNEWit Provides Free Energy Education to Students on Military Bases

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military family save energy greeNEWit Provides Free Energy Education to Students on Military Bases


greeNEWit Provides Free Energy Education to Students on Military Bases

COLUMBIA, MD – greeNEWit is no stranger when it comes to energy education in schools, and with the success of the OUR Schools Program, they are looking to expand their student audience and experience. The organization, dedicated to helping society become more energy efficient, is now delivering the program to schools on military bases to provide free energy education with the help of the Department of Defense Education Activity’s (DoDEA) STEM College and Career Marathon Project grant.

DoDEA is committed to providing an exemplary level of education to military-connected students and have designed a pre-kindergarten through 12th grade curriculum that aims at attaining the highest level of student achievement. They have created the STEM grant in order to achieve this goal and utilize the knowledge of surrounding organizations.

So far, greeNEWit hosted a STEM night of activities and demonstrations to 180 students combined at Manor View and Pershing Hill Elementary in Odenton, Maryland during the month of February. Both of these schools are located on the Fort Meade military base. greeNEWit will also be delivering a presentation to 325 students at Meade Heights on April 10, 2014, to 306 students at West Meade Education Center on May 1, 2014 and to 500 students and parents of West Annapolis Elementary of the US Naval Academy on May 8, 2014. These events help students and parents continue their energy education path and get involved with the home energy improvement process.

greeNEWit’s comprehensive OUR Schools Program includes three main components: a presentation where energy experts from greeNEWit teach students how the interaction with our environment affects the way we live; STEM-based lesson plans and curriculum for teachers that further explore STEM, energy and the environment; and an energy savings incentive so students and teachers can earn money to help their school get its Green Schools certification, develop STEM programs and/or pay for school building upgrades.

greeNEWit hopes to can expand the energy education program to even more military-based schools during the 2014-2015 school year. By reaching out to the students, parents and teachers of these schools, they are achieving their goal of educating local communities on home energy and the importance of sustainability in regards to our future global resources situation.

Click the link to learn more about the DoDEA programs. Find out more about greeNEWit’s energy-saving programs and check out the success of the OUR Schools Program.