An Employee-Volunteerism Program to Engage Millennials

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greeNEWit Creates Volunteer Opportunities to Reward Top-performing Employees

COLUMBIA, MD  – For many corporations, involving the community to support continued education, humanitarian advancement and economic development are important core values. greeNEWit, an organization founded to help society build more sustainable communities and better economies through energy efficiency and conserving the use of natural resources, has taken this one step further by including philanthropy as a way to engage millennials and reward top performing employees.

At greeNEWit, they’ve created paid volunteer opportunities to do just that. The company stands as a leader in the Multi-Family Quick Home Energy Checkup (QHEC) Program to provide upgrades to residential and multi-family homes. Crews of technicians are deployed to perform these QHECs as an effective way to significantly reduce home energy consumption while improving indoor comfort - all at no additional cost to the monthly utility bills of tenants and owners.

The QHEC technicians are paid for the hours they work. If a team completes a multi-family site visit a day early, greeNEWit will lend these skilled employees to nonprofits around the Mid-Atlantic region. So far employees have volunteered at the Elkridge Food Pantry, 5660 Furnace Ave., Elkridge, Maryland. As the program expands, greeNEWit employees will not only volunteer time, but also provide professional services and share their knowledge in energy efficiency.

“We believe that from every corner of the organization, our employees believe in our corporate responsibility, and are excited to come to work every day,” greeNEWit Chief Communication Officer Jason Jannati said.

This program fosters environmental stewardship and allows employees to gain a broader perspective on business when they do their jobs in different settings.

"I want to work for a company that cares about how it affects or contributes to society. When interviewing for a job, I couldn’t believe that greeNEWit actually had volunteer opportunities devoted to this,” greeNEWit QHEC Technician Matt Evans said. “Their social and environmental activities are a true differentiator and have inspired me to be a loyal employee."

greeNEWit is an organization founded to help our society become energy efficient by building sustainable communities and better economies by conserving the use of natural resources. We help residents, businesses and municipalities save money on their electric bills by providing retrofit solutions that reduce the carbon footprint.

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